Welcome to Sendero Social: a Portal to the Fediverse!

The free and open social web known as the Fediverse is an exciting and compelling alternative to siloed and closed big tech platforms. However, to join the Fediverse, each person needs to first choose a server on which to create an account. This extra step - not required on centralized platforms - makes on-boarding difficult for many people who want to participate.

Sendero Social simplifies on-boarding by offering a portal for easy registration to use Fediverse software from our servers. You can register an account on our instance of the social networking site Friendica or the photo sharing application PixelFed.

However, before joining you will want to consider whether these nodes of the Fediverse will be a good fit for you. Our servers have no tolerance for spreading hate, harassment, spam, or willful disinformation. If you cannot abide by this code of conduct, you are better off using a different server. Sendero Social's servers are based in the U.S.